The Last Post


The Last Post

We hear a haunting, sad lament
We hear the bugle sound
The Last Post by a graveside
A hero committed to the ground

It honours the lost and fallen
All across the land
It shows we will remember
Silent mourners will make this stand

In times gone by, the bugle cry
Helped soldiers track their day
A call to rise, to exercise
A call when time to pray

The Duty Officer did his rounds
As part of his daily tour
The bugle would sound, so all around
Would know the last post was secure

At the going down of the glowing sun
The soldiers day was finally done
Their bodies resting, as well they might
To be prepared for the coming fight

But now when that sound, carries all around
Reveille will no longer raise you
You’ve finally made, your last parade
And all who knew will praise you

You need no longer raise your gun
At last your service on earth is done
Your last breath will be the bugle cry
That takes your spirit to the sky

Rest in peace, and thank you soldier
None more brave, no one bolder
You lived your life with no regret
The last post sounds, lest we forget

Bill Clayton


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