The Latest From The Guys Taking The ME Awareness Flag To Everest Base Camp

Flag 15 May 2017


The latest news and picture from the guys heading to Everest Base Camp to raise Awareness of ME for The York ME Community and everyone dealing with ME .
“Today’s photo to show progress on how we are getting on:
Today we rode from Lhasa to Shigatse via Yamdrok Lake, 414 kms setting out at 0830hrs and arriving at Shigatse at 2122hrs so a long and tough day taking over 12hrs riding on difficult roads, high mountain passes, spectacular scenery and snow storms which makes motorbike riding difficult. Very cold with one chap unable to complete the ride through exhaustion and another suffering from hypothermia but everyone safe.
The Tibetan Buddhist people are the most compassionate and gentle despite their years of inaccessibility, struggle and resilience.
There are many Buddhist Prayer Flags strung up throughout Tibet and particularly in the mountains and near the rivers, todays photo shows a line of prayer flags stretching across the river with the mountains in the background, taken at the start of the accent to the passing point to access Yamdrok Lake.
My understanding is that each Prayer Flag has a printed Buddhist Mantra, all colours are symbolic and are hung close to nature in a hope to touch and access all living beings who are all connected. When the wind blows and the flags move it is believed that prayers are answered, these mantras are to benefit mankind and to end suffering in the world, which is why I thought it symbolic to have a pic and share these beliefs.
Many thanks, just to let you know the flag is on the move.”

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