The Lost Years: A Personal Journey



by Kathy Collett in ME Australia. 

Kathy Collett has lived with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for more than 30 years.  Frustrated by the lack of knowledge and dismissive attitude of doctors, Kathy conducted her own research to see what she could do to improve her health. Pre-internet, this was difficult but Kathy persisted and travelled overseas for treatment which helped relieve painful symptoms. Kathy questions why most doctors aren’t educated and points out their dismissive attitudes and lack of information means a poorer quality of life for people with ME, despite research which has existed for decades.

Kathy lives in Western Australia.

It started with a twinge and ends with a whinge.

Virtually overnight my life had changed. I developed horrific pain following repetitive action affecting the full length of my arms. It remained that way for nine years. Gone were my passion for creating art and a career in advertising as a copywriter, as both required regular use of my arms. The pain would shoot down the full length of my arms and extend to the middle of my back remaining that way for a week after only twenty minutes’ use.


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