The Mystery And Life-Wrecking Result Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome




By Dr Cathy Stephenson in Stuff.


It’s Friday and I feel tired.

Its been a busy week of work and I’m looking ahead to a weekend of cooking, cheering on the kids at a variety of sports games and a bit of socialising… well as the usual mountain of washing, cleaning and gardening that I imagine awaits every busy parent. I love my life, tiring though it may be, and I am lucky enough to have the reassuring knowledge that if I am ever blessed with the gift of a weekend lie-in, my batteries will instantly recharge, leaving me feel ready for another onslaught come Monday.

But imagine if you couldn’t recharge your batteries, ever? If even the slightest amount of activity in your day left you so exhausted you couldn’t get out of bed, let alone go to work or school? Imagine if this kind of fatigue might last for months, or even years? Honestly, I’m not sure I would cope, yet that is the battle that those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) face every day.


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