The North To Wait Another Nine Months For Switchable Smart Meters


By Sam Meadows in The Telegraph.


People living in the North could have to wait as long as nine months if they want a smart meter thanks to technical issues with some of the new devices.

Dr Alan Whitehead, Labour’s shadow energy minister, said ongoing problems with the technology meant that the £11bn roll-out will be held back even further.

There are now 12 million smart meters, which display household energy usage in real-time in pounds and pence, most of which lose these crucial smart functions if a customer switches supplier. A new version was supposed to fix this issue but Dr Whitehead said many of these still struggle to connect to the national network.

This will be another headache for the Government as it attempts to meet its target of installing one in every home by the end of next year. Last week the Daily Telegraph revealed that suppliers are being advised to scale down installations due to technical issues


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