The PACE Trial – A Time for Reflection – A Time for Retraction



From The Invest In ME Newsletter


The PACE Trial has been frequently discussed in articles on the Invest in ME website and on the charity’s social media since the first paper was published by Lancet in 2011.

The PACE Trial has been shown to be flawed and a colossal waste of scarce public funding which could have gone to biomedical research into ME which, by now, may well have been leading to a breakthrough in treating this disease.

Recently the results from this trial have been thoroughly analysed and destroyed by a series of articles published in Professor Vincent Racaniello’s (Columbia University, USA) Virology blog by US journalist David Tuller.

Once these reviews began to create huge interest over the internet then the usual typical orchestrated media reaction appeared. As always happens the establishment media trot out their normal array of buffoons and denialists – spreading more oil on the fire by linking ME patients with militants and those who see stigma in mental health – with no real evidence to support either accusation and demonstrating a profound ignorance of the disease and of ME patients.


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