The PACE Trials: A £6 Million Failure



From the Slightly Alive Blog by Mary Schweitzer.


There is nothing complicated about the PACE trials – or at least, there should not have been. Patients were selected to participate in a trial of cognitive behaviour therapy targeted to their “inappropriate illness beliefs” and a course of “graded exercise therapy” to get them back in shape – together this is called CBT/GET and has been proclaimed as the “best” treatment for ME and CFS by the governments of the UK, the US, among others, for two decades now.  [For an excellent critique of the PACE trial, see  David Tuller’s “Trial by Error” .]


These treatments are controversial, to say the least. The main reason is that the entire programme of “CBT/GET” with regards to ME and CFS is based on the assertion that the patients’ physical symptoms have no medical explanation – in insurance (and now medical) parlance, these patients all have “MUS”s (Medically Unexplained Symptoms).


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