The Perfect Gift



The Perfect Gift

Looking for the perfect gift
To give our friends a bit of a lift
At the end of such a rubbish year
What can we give to add some cheer

When the future’s not bright, and cash is tight
How do you show you care
Maybe a text or a call, maybe that’s all
Just to show you’ll always be there

The price tag doesn’t matter
The thought really is the thing
A chat, just a bit of a natter
Instead of some expensive bling

Spike wrote about how a smile
Made him start smiling too
And how it started spreading
Just like having the flu

So with that as inspiration
There’s something as a nation
We could maybe just get trending
The gift of care, so easy to share
Without any needless spending

It’s something you won’t find under the tree
It’s something we can share for free
If you look in the shops, you just won’t find
It’s simply this,……… let’s just be kind.

Bill Clayton

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