Purely Pacing


By  Jennie Jaques.

This is an article to assist patients with the long-haul symptoms following COVID-19. My article is likely most relevant to Long Covid sufferers in their ‘post-viral’ stage – i.e those who find themselves still battling the symptoms after 4 months. But the sooner the advice can be understood the better. We will be discussing an operational practice used largely within the ME/CFS community known as ‘pacing.’ The importance of rest (and pacing ) during the period in which you are convalescing from the viral infection is critical. This sounds like common sense and you may have heard it before – perhaps from your local GP or an Infectious Diseases doctor. However, there is more to the advice than meets the eye.

Pacing and rest must be consistent, steady, strategic and long-standing. It will feel ‘unnatural’ to plan periods of lying down throughout your day at regular intervals. And for some it may be circumstantially impractical, but I cannot stress enough how essential this is to your recovery.

Some people like to wear a watch or a heart rate monitor to monitor their heart rate and keep their heart rate under their own personal threshold to avoid crashing. There are also apps available on your phone to aid this. Your heart may be an indicator that you are outside of your threshold.

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