The Secret Life Of Plant

Robert Plant


From SAGA Magazine.


Legendary former Led Zep frontman Robert Plant on what drives him forward – and why a memoir is out of the question.

Sitting in a pub in Primrose Hill, north London, Led Zeppelin’s legendary frontman Robert Plant discusses his new solo album Carry Fire, cosmic lines of force (yes, those), his passion for the misty mountains of the English-Welsh borders, his aversion to nostalgia, his weaknesses for triphop, football and jamming, as well as dealing with the latest – and inevitable – Led Zep rumours.

Needless to say, he’s not into that last bit at all…

According to the sleeve notes, Robert Plant’s new album Carry Fire was inspired by a hamlet in Herefordshire, a poem describing England and Wales, The Neck Oil Ale, the El Cosmico Tent and Teopee Hotel in Texas, and the Steadfast Yam Yam, among other things. Got all that? Good.


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