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(Kyle’s story of going from abundant health to a very severe case of ME/CFS, and then, when all looked bleakest, back to relative health, almost defies description. The length of his narrative, the elegance and directness of his writing, even the difficulty it sometimes presents, makes it unique amongst the chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) annals I’ve read.

Over its almost 40 pages, Kyle’s narrative / contemplation describes his sudden physical disintegration, the slipping away of all that was normal, abandonment by loved ones, a Kafkaesque journeys into the medical profession, personal tragedies, the loss of hope, and then, miraculously, an answer. 

His story, plus a summary post reviewing his medical history and how he got  better, will be presented in five posts on Health Rising.

Kyle’s story is graced by the generous addition of Ken Anbender’s surrealistic artwork.  Ken, a long time ME/CFS sufferer, presented his own recovery story, “Twenty-Six Years of Hell: An ME/CFS/FM Recovery Story”, in Dec. 2017 on Health Rising. Ken’s commitment, to make “places inaccessible to a camera…fully available to (the) imagination,” thus allowing “the uncanny” to become “oddly familiar”, fits perfectly with Kyle’s intention of portraying the hidden landscapes of ME/CFS. Check out Ken’s art on his Eye Music website.


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