The Truth About Facing Society As Someone With Chronic Illness


Chronic Illness


By Alisa Briguglio in The mighty.  


Have you ever noticed the lack of understanding that we as a society have for people with chronic illness? If you’re reading this post and nodding your head up and down, I don’t have to tell you! It’s hard to navigate through the social world (and no, not social world as in Facebook or any other social media).

There’s a difference between wanting to help someone feel better and wanting to make someone feel better. 

Making someone feel better is about you being the hero. You want to figure out what’s wrong. You want to find a solution. You want to fix things so we can be happy again. When there is nothing you can do, you get frustrated! You may start to feel discouraged when their problems don’t go away. Why are we starting to shut you out? Do we even want to feel better? Have you been a bad friend? But all you were trying to do was make them feel better.


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