The Unexpected Gift Of Using A Wheelchair




By Meg Highway in The Mighty.


I was suspended in mid-air, flying… until the back of my head hit the metal table, and the rest of my body crumpled to the floor. As I got up from the floor in the middle of the night, I realized my basiphobia (fear of falling) was increasing, but I had no choice – if I didn’t walk, I couldn’t live my life, right?

I was born with congenital cerebral palsy (CP), a disorder that limits mobility. I have always had physical limitations due to the right side of my body being weaker than my left. I am blessed to have incredibly supportive parents, who made sure that I had every advantage I could to become as independent as possible. Part of building this independence meant having regular physical, occupational and speech therapies while I was growing up. The good thing about CP is that it technically does not become worse as I age, but unfortunately there are other issues that can become a factor in adulthood. During graduate school, I noticed walking was more difficult for me than it had been as I was growing up. After several medical procedures, I ended up walking with a four-pronged cane, something I had never needed before.


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