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The York Mobility Scooter Club has been set up as a Facebook Group with the idea of being somewhere for anyone in the York area to talk about all things mobility scooters. From those first steps of being so wary of taking that first step of admitting that you need help, to the best scooter for individual needs. All reviews are welcomed !

It will also be where we can talk about accessibility issues in York for scooters, and if this develops into a strong theme, I may open a separate group on that subject.

My aim is also ideally in time to meet up for some sort of wheeled rambles, and so suggestions of sensible routes would be welcomed.

I don’t aim to set many rules, just that we all support each other and lend a help when we can. Please feel free to invite others who are aiming to get a scooter, or have one, for whatever reason, and let’s see where this little adventure takes us.

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