‘They Think Disability Is Almost Worse Than Being Dead’

Disability Dice

By Kate Scotter in BBC News.


“I won’t let you make me feel bad for the things I cannot do, I am tired of being talked over by people like you.”

To watch Tilly Moses perform her folk music on stage, there are no visual clues she’s disabled – although the message is there loud and clear in some of her lyrics.

A year ago, Moses was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a chronic condition that causes pain and fatigue. It often comes after a big shock to the immune system: Moses, who grew up in Stanton, Suffolk, had meningitis when she was 11.

She says her fibromyalgia can leave her so tired she passes out. It also affects her cognitive function and she can be in a lot of pain, and she sometimes has to use a walking stick or a wheelchair.


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