This Is How It Feels To Be Exhausted



By Frances Ryan in The Pool.


It’s been eight weeks since Frances Ryan left the house, five weeks since she learnt to eat again – and three months since exhaustion took its hold. This is a familiar reality for millions of women living with debilitating illness in the UK, she says. So, why aren’t we talking about it ?

The colour of my bedroom wall is egg white mixed with grey and there are two small cracks below the left window. I don’t know exactly how long I’d been in bed when I started to notice the minutia of my surroundings. It’s been eight weeks since I’ve been able to leave the house. Five weeks since I learnt to eat again. And three months since I caught the flu that would floor me in a way I had never imagined was possible.

A low immune system combined with weak muscles means I’ve had my fair share of illnesses over the years – and a few other people’s as well. Still, until this winter, I’d never seen my body break. I’d never felt a level of exhaustion so complete that even breathing became too much to handle. By January, the flu had become flu complications and I had become joined to my mattress, barely able to move.


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