This Life With Gracie: What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ?



By Gracie Bonds Staples, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Chronic fatigue syndrome.

For more than two decades, those three words have consumed Liz Burlingame because, well, words mean something.

They convey feelings and connote action. They can comfort or cause pain. They can be our best friend or our worst enemy, failing us completely.

That’s how Burlingame feels every time she tries to explain this thing that sent her back to her parents’ home in her 20s, unable to work, and barely able to get out of bed.

“The words are all wrong,” she said during a bedside interview at her home in Dunwoody recently.

 Not only do they fail to describe the utter exhaustion she lives with, Burlingame, 49, believes those three little words could one day cost her her life.


Not many people, including doctors, have ever heard of CFS. No one can say for sure what causes it. And there is no consensus on how to even treat it.


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