Those Pop-Up ‘I Agree’ Boxes Aren’t Just Annoying – They’re Potentially Dangerous



By Sabrina Rau in The Conversation.

Have you noticed the increasing number of pop-ups asking you to consent or “agree” when you visit a website? Do you find these annoying and tend to just click accept without reading the policies? So do most people, and here’s why that’s a problem.

By “agreeing” to any of these particular policies, you are effectively allowing a website or app to collect various types of data on you that could violate some of your human rights, such as your right to privacy. To control what data the website or app can gather about you, you have to go through the tedious process of reading long, complex terms and conditions. Sometimes you might have to un-tick a few hundred boxes and navigate through complicated menus to choose your preferences.

This places a burden on you to become your own data manager. It would be much easier and quicker if there were standardised or comparable consent forms that would allow you to quickly identify processes or uses for your data that you may not want.


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