Three NIH Funded ME/CFS Research Centers….And (What Else ?) A Controversy



By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.


And then there were three.

Almost two years after Dr. Collins announced that the NIH would reinvigorate ME/CFS, the NIH has finally provided funding for three research centers and one data center.

Earlier this year the ME/CFS research community surprised by submitting no less than 10 applications, including one from a research group new to the field.

  • The Center for Enervating Neuroimmune Disease (Cornell) – Maureen Hanson
  • The Center for Infection and Immunity – Ian Lipkin
  • The Genome Technology Center at Stanford – Ron Davis + Bob Naviaux
  • The Institute For Neuroimmune Medicine – Nancy Klimas
  • Lenny Jason at DePaul University – Lenny Jason
  •  The Nevada Center for Biomedical Research  – Vincent Lombardi
  •  Pain and Fatigue Study Center – Dane Cook
  •  Stanford Chronic Fatigue Initiative – Jose Montoya
  •  The Jackson Laboratory (Connecticut) – Derya Unutmaz
  •  Beth Isreal Deaconness Medical Center – Associated with Harvard Medical School – Dr. Janet Mullington

That number guaranteed that the competition was going to be stiff – and that some perfectly good projects were going to get stiffed. Of course, there was probably going to be controversy. The NIH seemingly can’t sneeze around ME/CFS without creating something controversial. Even its good stuff creates controversy. From the IOM report to the extramural study and now to the research centers, something controversial always seems to show up. I think that’s partially the result of an unusually active and informed disease community.


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