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Negotiating the world of work can seem like a difficult challenge if you’re a disabled person. Fortunately there are many resources that you can draw on to make things a little easier, whether you’re currently experiencing difficulties at work or you’re looking for a job. Read on for our top tips on employment and jobseeking.

Know your legal rights

The law that protects disabled job seekers is the Equality Act 2010. This Act requires employers to remove barriers for disabled employees. You can read the Government’s guidance on the Equality Act here, but the most important points relating to disabled people in employment are:

  • A person is classed as being disabled if they have an impairment, physical or mental, which has an adverse and long-term effect on their ability to carry out everyday workplace activities.
  • As a disabled person you are legally protected under the Act from four types of discrimination:
    • Direct discrimination – In which you are treated less favourably in the workplace than others because of your disability.
    •  Indirect discrimination – The creation of workplace rules or procedures which disadvantage disabled people.
    • Harassment – When ‘unwanted behaviour’ related to your disability ‘violates [your] dignity or creates an offensive environment’.
    • Victimisation – If you are treated unfairly after having made a complaint about any of the above.

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