Tired All The Time




By Deborah Mckno in ME Support.


From seventeen years old, I was told by doctors, “You are just run down”. I had constant infections, viruses and chronic tonsillitis. Feeling as though I always had the flu, I’d visit my General Practitioner, who prescribed more antibiotics, stating that I needed to be on them permanently for recurrent infections. Eventually, I had my tonsils removed, and the sore throats did stop. At the time, I was hoping I would be on my way to recovery. I was twenty-one.

However, the fatigue and multiple vague symptoms remained, along with fluey feeling and constant aching. I would be in bed for a few days, feeling very ill, only to recover, and my symptoms flared again a couple of weeks later.

Despite being a young mum, continuously run down and having severe tummy issues, I went to the gym, cycled and walked each day. I never sat still. I was always on the go, but deep down, I knew something was wrong. I was in pain and felt weak. I had a raft of symptoms but didn’t understand them. I lived a healthy lifestyle, but my body was failing me. I should have been young and healthy, but I was exhausted. I carried on, paying for private doctors when I could. I had food intolerance tests, did rotation and candida diets. I visited herbalists and tried kinesiology, reiki, spiritual healing and more. I tried most holistic therapies and had my mercury fillings removed and did chelation. But still, my symptoms continued.


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