To Sleep At Last: A Good-bye To Darden Burns



By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.


“It comes down to the simple fact that I do not have enough energy to sustain my recovery. I am not sure that everyone in the CFS is like me, maybe I’m an outlier or just have a unique presentation of the condition. In any case I am at my breaking point. I hope that the future will hold some effective treatments for these conditions.” Darden

Last August, I just happened to glance down at my phone as I was driving through Idaho.  Darden had emailed…but no, it was Mike, her husband. After a baffling and devastating relapse brought on by a seemingly innocuous treatment, Darden had ended her long battle with ME/CFS. She left behind her husband, two daughters, a grandson and her brothers.

No one could have predicted it would have come to this just 8 months earlier.

I pulled over and got in touch with my partner, who burst into tears.  We’d stayed at Darden and Mike’s beautiful house on Bainbridge Island and camped on their land two summers ago. We’d witnessed a colt being born, heard Darden play piano and sing, met the infamous “Ned Pepper” – an appropriately named rambunctious puppy who couldn’t stay still – and had generally been overwhelmed by their hospitality.


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