Tragedy In Bjärred – Increased Knowledge About ME Is Needed



From The National Association for ME patients.


In January 2018 a tragedy occurred in Bjärred, a family found deceased in its villa. Today, the police reported that parents chose to end their own and daughters lives and that both girls had been diagnosed with ME.

RME deeply deplores the tragic development, our thoughts go to family relatives.

The report from the police explains ME as “a type of chronic fatigue syndrome”. RME wishes to emphasize that ME is something completely different from “chronic fatigue”. Recent research has shown that ME patients have disturbances in the cells’ energy production, inflammatory reactions and altered metabolism. This gives symptoms from a range of energy-intensive organs, especially muscular, cardiovascular and central nervous systems.The predominant symptom is a very limited energy supply that requires a constant activity balance to prevent the deterioration of the disease image.

Although there are still no clinically useful biomarkers for the disease, there are clear criteria that make it possible to diagnose. Although there is no cure yet there are possibilities to relieve symptoms and prevent deterioration. For adults, ME is considered a chronic disease, while the prognosis is somewhat more positive for children.

With the right help and support from care, school and other surroundings, it is often possible to live a life with meaning, despite the disease. The rapid advances in ME research hope that the causes of the disease will be mapped in the near future and that effective relief and cure will be possible.


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