Transitioning From An Abled Life



By Christina Baltais in #MEAction.


When a sudden and unexpected illness catapulted my life into a completely different path, life as I had come to know it, was irrevocably changed. Prior to this, I thrived on the fast paced career trajectory that our Western ableist society promotes, rewards, and idolizes. I was by all definition, a “high functioning” abled bodied person who believed “success” came with hard work. During the fall of 2006, I was diagnosed with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).


ME is more commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). The latter name does not adequately encompass the multitude of daily severe symptoms and debility. It’s akin to describing a catastrophic tsunami as scattered showers. Now when I worked hard and even harder, my body became sick and even sicker. I would later be formally diagnosed with chronic Lyme’s disease a decade later. Nothing could have prepared me for the unravelling of my life, thoughts, and beliefs around my relationship to my body, others, and to life.


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