Travel Industry Still Failing To Meet Needs Of Disabled Holidaymakers Is Unacceptable



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Charity responds to BBC One’s ‘Rip Off Britain’ as evidence travel industry needs to take disabled consumers more seriously.

National respite holiday charity Revitalise has responded to BBC One’s latest episode of ‘Rip Off Britain’, using it as evidence that the travel industry needs to take requirements of disabled holidaymakers more seriously.

According to the European Commission, by 2020 as much as 25% of tourism spending in Europe is expected to come from consumers with accessibility requirements. With the so called ‘Purple Pound’ estimated at a value of £249bn, there is not only a moral obligation for the travel industry to make itself more accessible to disabled people, but huge market potential.

In recent years, Revitalise has consistently campaigned on a variety of issues that affect disabled people and carers, including the need to make travel and tourism more accessible to disabled consumers.  The charity’s own research found that 65% of disabled people had decided against visiting a tourist attraction due to accessibility concerns or a lack of information.


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