Trial By Error: Bristol’s Complaint To Berkeley

David Tuller

By David Tuller, DrPH.


As it turns out, the University of Bristol did complain about me to Berkeley. I found out recently that there has indeed been “private and confidential communication” at a “senior level,” as Sue Paterson, Bristol’s director of legal services, suggested in her thuggish letter to me last month. I haven’t seen this communication so I’m not sure exactly what it entailed, but obviously it involved my “actions and behavior” towards Bristol personnel (i.e. Professor Esther Crawley), which Ms. Paterson also referenced in her letter to me.

Since Bristol would have sent a cease and desist letter long ago if it had been able to figure out any reasonable grounds to ask me to cease and desist doing what I was doing, I knew that any complaint made to Berkeley would not have taken that form. In her letter to me, Ms. Paterson acknowledged as much; she noted that no cease and desist letter had been sent, either to me or to Berkeley. Of course, Professor Crawley had falsely stated the opposite at the University of Exeter lecture I attended.


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