Trial By Error, Continued: Questions For Dr. White And His PACE Colleagues



From a Blog by Erica Verrillo in Onward Through the Fog.

David Tuller has been relentless in his pursuit of the truth. He has doggedly, insistently, and ceaselessly sought answers from PACE authors about the validity of their results, and about their research methods. The authors of the PACE trial have turned down his efforts to speak with them, refusing him as they have every other person who has requested access to their data. Recently, David Tuller posted the questions he has attempted, unsuccessfully, to pose to the authors of the PACE trial. All of these are reasonable questions about methodology, trial results, intent, possible conflicts of interest, and trial participant rights. All of these questions should have been asked by the various journals that published the PACE trial results. All of these questions should have been posed by the institutions that sponsored the trial. And all of these questions – Every. Single. One – should have been asked by the researchers themselves.

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