Trial By Error: Norway’s Double Whammy Of Fuzzy Science




By David Tuller, DrPH

Norway’s got a double whammy going on. First there’s the group of investigators that seems to have had trouble determining whether their newly published research on CBT and music therapy was an actual randomized trial or merely a feasibility study. (More on that below.) Then we have Dagbladet, a widely read tabloid, promoting a new study of the Lightning Process–with the same senior investigator as the music therapy research. Dagbladet has so far published two stories about the matter (here and here), with perhaps more on the way.

The Dagbladet stories are stuffed with misstatements and omissions about ME, about patients, about the Lightning Process, and about the 2017 Lightning Process trial–too many to address here. The first article mentions me in referencing my criticism of research on this woo-woo intervention.  I am referred to as a journalist and a blogger. I certainly don’t object to those terms. But as in previous articles, my academic credentials are not mentioned. Nor is the fact that the investigation of crap research–like the CBT and music therapy study–is in my job description.


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