Trial By Error: Oxford Health Blinks, Removes Pamphlet On Post-COVID Illness

David Tuller


By David Tuller, DrPH.

In this traumatic time, small victories should be savored. Last week, I noticed a tweet from patient and advocate Tom Kindlon about a pamphlet from the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, the entity that oversees NHS services in the Oxford region. Other patients and advocates also flagged it on social media and sent it to me directly.

The pamphlet addressed concerns about possible post-COVID-19 cases of what it called “chronic fatigue syndrome,” and then promoted graded exercise and cognitive behavior therapy as treatments. This dung heap read is if it were written by Simon Wessely, Trudie Chalder, and Michael Sharpe way back in the early 1990s. It was credited to something called the “psychosocial response group”–a mysterious-sounding phrase that did not yield any results when I searched for the term on Oxford Health’s website. But the acronym–PRG–is kinda cool-looking.)

(Are the “psychosocialists” the same as the “biopsychosocialists”–with the difference that they are now making it clear the “bio” doesn’t really matter much to them? Hm.)


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Link to Oxford Health story

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