Trial By Error: The CDC’s Stakeholder Meeting




By David Tuller, DrPH

The US Centers for Disease Control held one of its occasional briefings for ME/CFS stakeholders last week. I was unfortunately busy during that time, but #MEAction has posted a useful account of what was discussed, which you can read here. The #MEAction account includes short, helpful descriptions of a number of CDC initiatives, including efforts involving possible links between long-term complications of Covid-19 and ME/CFS.

One point of discussion came when advocates pressed the agency to specifically disavow cognitive behavior therapy and graded exercise therapy. An ongoing failing of the CDC has been its refusal to frankly acknowledge its error in advocating for the cognitive behavior therapy/grade exercise therapy (CBT/GET) paradigm based on the discredited PACE trial and related research. And the CDC sponsored and highlights on its site a continuing medical education (CME) program that appears to promote GET, however cautiously, based on a debunked understanding of the illness.

This is the question posed by one advocate (based on an unofficial transcript):


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