Trial By Error: The Cost Of MUS


David Tuller


By David Tuller, DrPH

In January, I wrote about the problematic online training course developed by the Royal College of General Practitioners and touted by Steve Brine MP as addressing the “misconceptions” about ME (or CFS/ME, as the online course calls the illness). The lead author of the course was Carolyn Chew-Graham, a professor of general practice research at Keele University in Staffordshire. Rather than addressing any “misconceptions,” the course repeats various bogus claims that the GET/CBT ideological brigades have been pushing all along.

Like the PACE authors and those in their orbit, Professor Chew-Graham is a leading proponent of psychological and rehabilitative treatments for patients identified as having “medically unexplained symptoms,” or MUS. (Journalist Maya Dusenbery and I discussed some of the problems around the MUS construct in this Q–and-A last year for In fact, Professor Chew-Graham has represented the Royal College of General Practitioners as co-chair of a joint effort with the Royal College of Psychiatrists to develop commissioning guidelines for MUS services.


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