Trial By Error: The Lightning Process Strikes Again



By David Tuller, DrPH

The Lightning Process was founded more than two decades ago by Phil Parker, a British Tarot reader and specialist in auras and spiritual guides. The LP, as it is often called, could be described as “a neuro-physiological training programme based on self-coaching, concepts from Positive Psychology, Osteopathy and Neuro Linguistic Programming,” as Parker and colleagues did in a 2018 paper. It could also be described as a potpourri of woo-woo. Take your pick.

For its purported healing powers, the LP has attracted a major following in the UK, Norway, and other countries. To anyone in the US of a certain age, think something like est (full name; Erhard Seminars Training)–one of those change-your-life weekend experiences that swept across the American zeitgeist in the ‘7Os and ’80s.


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