Trial By Error: Two Letters To Dagbladet About Its ME Coverage

David Tuller


By David Tuller in Trial By Error.

In recent weeks, the Norwegian tabloid Dagbladet has published a series of articles about ME, which it also calls CFS/ME. These articles have promoted the use of the Lightning Process as an intervention, criticized patients and the Norwegian ME Association for expressing opinions about the Lightning Process and cognitive behavior therapy, and engaged in multiple other stupidities. The first articles ran a couple of weeks ago. The most recent one ran today.

Both Jonathan Edwards and I sent in letters in response to the first round of articles. Neither one was published. At least Professor Edwards received an acknowledgement that his letter had been received. I didn’t–even though the reporter mischaracterized me by omission when she referred to me as a blogger and journalist but forgot to mention the fact that I am a Berkeley academic.

I have posted both of our letters below–first Professor Edwards’, then mine.


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