Understanding Long Covid: A Shortcut To Solving ME/CFS ?



By Simon McGrath in ME/CFS Research Review.

Large numbers of people, around one in 10, don’t make a normal recovery from coronavirus but continue to be ill with “long covid”. The illness is likely to have several different causes, probably including ME/CFS. Post-exertional malaise appears to be a common symptom. Long covid patients have quickly put the illness on the map, helping to launch a wave of research. ME/CFS researchers are joining in, seeing an opportunity to make a breakthrough with ME/CFS. The World Health Organisation has promised action on long covid and on the back of this its director-general said to the ME/CFS community, “we hear you”.

Over 30 million people have now tested positive for the coronavirus and sadly roughly 1 in a hundred of them died from it. Yet, as Professor Tim Spector pointed out in the Guardian, it is wrong to assume that ‘if you are not dead, you are fine’.


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