US Neuroscientist Says Exercise Is A Noxious Stimulus That Worsens Symptoms Of ME/CFS



By Penny Swift in The Argus Report.


A highly regarded American neuroscientist who has researched CFS for more than a decade, has decried media reports based on The Lancet Psychiatry’s recent scientific article that claims graded exercise therapy (GET) is an effective treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

The Lancet Psychiatry report, published earlier this week, is the sixth based on the now dated PACE Trials that have been widely discredited by the international ME/CFS community.

Prof. J. Mark VanNess from the Californian University of the Pacific, referred specifically to The Lancet Psychiatry report’s claim that CFS patients have “fear avoidance beliefs” when it comes to exercise, and that this plays a role in “perpetuating fatigue and disability” in CFS.

In a letter published online in the popular Myalgic Encephalomyelitis blog, Just ME yesterday, Prof. VanNess said he was “saddened” by press reports that had appeared in leading newspapers including The Guardian, The Independent, the BBC, the Mail Online, The Telegraph, and The Irish Independent. “It seems to me they’ve once again missed important nuances of the disease.”

Prof. VanNess, who received his neuroscience doctorate from Florida State University in 1997, teaches biology, nutrition and exercise science at Pacific University. He is also committed to research on “the role of the autonomic nervous system in immune dysfunction,” and is particularly interested in “post-exertional malaise in women with CFS.”


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