Victories For People Appealing For Disability Benefit Reach Their Highest Rate Ever




From Disabled Go News.


The victory rate for people appealing for disability benefit has reached its highest ever.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessments have been branded a “total failure” as 69% of people appealing them at a tribunal now win their case.

That is the highest percentage success rate ever recorded since the benefit launched in 2013.

PIP, worth £22 to £141 a week, is replacing the old Disability Living Allowance as a fairer way for 1.6million people to meet everyday costs.

But campaigners argue assessments for the new benefit are unfit for purpose.

Of 947,000 people moving from DLA to PIP, almost half (46%) had their payments downgraded or stopped.

Today’s figures show that between October and December 2017, 20,144 benefit tribunals were completed – and 13,881 ended in victory for the claimant.

Separately 69% of appeals for sickness benefit Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) also ended in victory in the three-month period, just short of a record.



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