Victory In Europe



Victory In Europe

The day had come, the end of war
The country heaved a sigh
Victory in Europe had been won
On land, on sea in sky

Eisenhower’s treaty signed in France
Montgomery at Luneburg Heath
Keitel for the Soviets in Berlin
All signatures beneath

Six years of bloody war
At last had come to an end
The destruction of cities, homes and lives
Lost husbands, sons, family and friend

Many tears would still be shed
By all those hurt by war
For the missing and the many dead
The millions seen no more

Out of the wartime darkness
A switching on of lights
Dancing and singing in every street
As victory spirits reached the heights

The same was seen in Berlin and France
As well as the USA
Though less celebrations, song and dance
Where Roosevelt had passed away

As Churchill addressed the nation
It was telling by his tone
That with fighting in Japan ongoing
Full peace was not yet known

But this was a time for many
Who this struggle had kept apart
For the country’s voice, to rise up, rejoice
To give thanks to many a brave heart

This world will see further troubles
In the many years ahead
Different wars, will hit our shores
Causing fear and dread

Maybe not war as we know it
Something new to face
Something that brings us together
Where we fight as one human race

New heroes will rise to save us
We will always be in their debt
Whether they be young or old, wary or bold
Let us never, ever forget.

By Bill Clayton
© 2020

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