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From Living Streets.

Caroline lives in a seaside town in England and is a member of one of our Local Groups of volunteers. 

As a wheelchair user, Caroline is passionate about improving streets and the access to them for everyone.

In normal times, Caroline’s favourite things are being with friends, volunteering and seeing the sea. Here she reflects on how lockdown and physical distancing is making that difficult, with streets becoming even more inaccessible to so many.

In my seaside town the pavements are currently very poor with infrequent, poorly constructed dropped kerbs. I am unable to cross my own road owing to a lack of dropped kerbs and a steep camber which damages my wheelchair. In fact, as I write this, I’m awaiting someone to come and repair damage to my wheelchair caused by poor paving – a visit and cost I’d rather not incur.

Often to cross a road I have to go a long way round. If a known route is closed, it is very difficult to find an accessible alternative. The small wheels at the front of my wheelchair get stuck in gaps between slabs and sometimes drain covers flip open. It’s rare that I go out without experiencing problems.

Despite all the issues that come with leaving my home, pre-lockdown I was still managing to leave to go volunteering or ‘walking’ with friends along the prom about five times a week. That’s all changed.


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