Waste Not, Want Not: Feeding Thousands with ‘Unusable’ Food



Story by Brodie Turner in Good News Shared.


Social enterprises are becoming increasingly popular as support from local communities shows that the public are willing to participate and contribute. One such enterprise that started in the North of England is The Real Junk Food Project, first established in 2013.

The premise is simple: to create and serve a menu crafted entirely from food that would otherwise have gone to waste. This may be food nearing its ‘best before’ date, or food that does not meet certain aesthetic standards but is otherwise useable in every way. The scale of the problem may not be common knowledge to the average supermarket shopper, but the UN estimates that 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted globally every year, which translates to around 40% of all food produced. In the UK alone this figure is calculated at 15 million tonnes of food going to landfill or compost that could have instead been eaten. In 2014 the project saved just under 33,000 kilograms of food from going to waste which was served up as 18,138 meals for customers.


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