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“The history of ME remains one of the worst examples of unacknowledged institutional abuse in modern times.” ~ Valerie Eliot Smith 2019 


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Thank you for visiting this site. Despite the date at the top of this page, it was actually set up in August 2012, not June 2019. It took me some years to understand how best to help visitors to the site to see what is covered here which is why the two dates are so far apart.

This post is pinned so it remains at the top of the Home page, regardless of what else I post. It provides a summary of my research and advocacy work and indicates where to find information in this blog. Recent posts are listed in the sidebar.


I cover a number of different topics and this is reflected in the sub-heading of this blog Law and health; due process and civil society. However, much of my research has been focused on issues facing the international community of people who live with the disease myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) – sometimes conflated incorrectly with the condition “chronic fatigue syndrome/CFS”


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