What Is Love And How Does It Work ?



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According to the Social Science Journal, most songs in existence today focus on a familiar theme: love. With an estimated 623+ million songs in existence today, that is a lot of songs about love!

Of course, “love” is a pretty broad topic. Within the spectrum of songs about love, some are written about falling in love. Others, of course, are written about falling out of love. Breakups, you-done-me-wrongs, rebound relationships, lust, cheating – when it comes to love, the sheer variety of perspectives on the topic in song form are nearly limitless.

Yet the craving – to know, to understand, to quantify, to clarify, to replicate – remains. So people write more songs about love, and ever more people listen to them, and in the meantime scientists and sociologists and counsellors and common folks like me and you strive to make sense of what is basically one part biology, one part chemistry and one part complete and utter mystery.


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