What is Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Why Should You Care About Something You Can’t Pronounce



An article in ME Advocacy.

Although this is a repost of something written in the lead up to ME Awareness Day last year, I find it interesting to read the US take on ME.

Nobody is willing to wrap their tongue around anything that requires 11 syllables. But that is not why Steven Straus at the NIH decided to “rebrand” myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) as “chronic fatigue syndrome” in 1987. He wasn’t verbally lazy. He was nefarious.

The name that Straus chose for this illness has resulted in decades of misconceptions. So, you’re tired? Everybody is tired, and besides, being tired won’t kill you.

Both of these assumptions are wrong. Chronic fatigue syndrome does not make people tired. It is a neurological illness that produces inflammation in the brain. The inflammation is the result of an acquired immune system dysfunction that leaves people unable to control latent viruses. (There are eight different herpesviruses that remain in your body for life.) Once these viruses begin to proliferate, they interfere with energy production at the cellular level.

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