What It Was Like Going To An ME/CFS ‘Millions Missing’ Protest


ME Protest


By Niamh Kane in The Mighty.


I was part of something really special today as hundreds of myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) patients and supporters came together for the 25th anniversary of International ME Awareness Day and organized the Millions Missing Dublin protest outside our government building — Dáil Eireann. While many patients were not well enough to attend the protest, they sent a pair of their shoes with a written note about what part of their lives they are missing from due to the invisible illness. It was a powerful message that may finally be heard by the government and Health Services Executive (HSE).

I got to meet loads of other ME patients and their supportive family and friends all rallying around to help blow the “invisible” off this debilitating illness. Some were in wheelchairs, others with canes, and lots more going strong in camping chairs. This was no easy feat for someone with ME on a good day, let alone sitting in the cool shade outside the government buildings. I only stayed for an hour and my whole body shook uncontrollably inside for the rest of the day with weakness, migraine and of course feeling ice cold inside. Can you imagine what it took out of the others such as Camilla Cruise — one of the organizers — and all the other warriors who put their everything into organizing media coverage, signs, T-shirts, flyers, not to mention traveling to the capital from all over Ireland.


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