What My Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Actually Feels Like


Vagus Nerve


By Aanchal Chopra in The Mighty.


I have moderate chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and this is my own experience. Others may have different symptoms or manifestations because every individual is different. But this is a glimpse into what my life with CFS actually feels like.

Living with CFS — or myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) — is like swimming against the tide every single moment of every day. It’s like heavy chains are tied to you and you have to continuously drag them along. Your limbs feel like they weigh 10 pounds each and merely lifting them causes extreme pain and exhaustion.

Your head is unclear, and you walk around with a foggy brain. You try to make sense of your surroundings, but you fail and your brain doesn’t even understand the simplest of sentences.


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