What No One Tells You About Being Housebound




By Hannah Radenkova in Super Pooped: Adventures for the Exhausted.


Whether you’re housebound some or all of the time, here are some things you might come across.

1. Time loses all meaning.
The five years I’ve been housebound feels simultaneously like no time at all, and an eternity. I regularly get my own age confused. When did that thing happen I thought was last week? At any point during the last 6 months, that’s when.
It’s like that weird haze between Christmas and New Year but ALL THE TIME.
The only reason I have a fighting chance of knowing what day it is is because of my pill box. And the alarm to remind me to take them, because what time is it again?
2. Schadenfreude on rainy weekdays
Would I rather be leaving the house? Yes. Does it make me feel much better that I can’t when Monday rolls around and its battering down? Also yes.
3. You will feel differently about the days.
You know what happens on Sundays? Bugger all. Limited access to services, no post, and everyone starts mowing their lawn. I used to love it, but now… HISSSSSSSSS!
By contrast, Mondays mean you have better access to the world, in whatever limited capacity you get it. Now I love them.


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