What To Consider When Employing People With Disabilities



By Robert Stack 


President Trump kicked off his re-election campaign last month with a list of accomplishments, from the market rebound to unemployment being “the lowest it has been in 51 years.” According to a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) article, “With unemployment at a low, fewer people are looking for jobs. Many employers are having a hard time finding people qualified to fill the positions they have open. That’s left an opening for people with disabilities, a group that’s broadly defined under the Americans With Disabilities Act.”

While this is great economic news, some people with disabilities are paid less than minimum wage. Through an antiquated loophole signed into law in 1938, persons with disabilities are allowed to be compensated based on their levels of “productivity.”

People with disabilities were historically exploited by many nonprofits, evoking the 14(c) clause and allowing people with disabilities to be compensated at as little as $1 an hour. If people in Washington were paid based on “levels of productivity,” it would result in some of them making just cents or dollars per week. Although the law remains the same and some advisors believe it should not be changed, the cliché “necessity is the mother of invention” prevails.


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