What To Do If You Can’t Book A GP Appointment, As 1 In 3 Say They Can’t Get Through By Phone






If you’ve ever found yourself relentlessly pressing the call button to phone your GP, only to get beeped at before the call abruptly ends, you’re not alone. In fact, new figures show almost one in three people can’t get through to their GP by phone.

Many of us have been there. In the office, we’ve heard stories of people forgoing the phone call altogether to queue up outside their GP practice first thing – the only way to guarantee an appointment (and because the sheer frustration of trying and failing to get through on the phone was just too much).

New figures show that among patients who attempted to call their GP, three in 10 (31.7%) said it wasn’t easy to get through. Meanwhile of those who wanted a same-day appointment, more than a third (37.9%) didn’t get one. Data from NHS Digital in 2018 found one in 10 of us has had to wait at least three weeks to see a GP.



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