What You Should Know About My Illness If You Wish You Had My ‘Leisure Time’

Frustration Chronic Illness


By Sharilynn Battaglia in The Mighty.


Today I was watching “Dr Phil.” It was an old episode about a study showing how stay-at-home moms have more leisure time than they think. Granted, some of the definitions given for “leisure” were quite unusual (getting a root canal if alone?), but the basic theme of the show was redefining how we spend our time and if being busy is really the status symbol we think it is.

I believe it’s not, and be careful what you wish for. The fact of the matter is, I am tired of people saying that they wish they had more time. Even more, I am sick of them saying they wish they had the free time I have. Because seriously people, you really do not want the free time I have. Let me tell you why…


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