What’s An Invisible Disability ? – 7 Things You Need To Know


By J R Thorpe in Bustle.   (An American View).


Think of the word “disability”. What do you see? The people of the Special Olympics, swimming and running and jumping in wheelchairs or without limbs? Guide dogs? Stephen Hawking? People rudely using disabled parking spots without actually “looking” disabled? One thing that, unless you have personal experience with it, may not have immediately popped into your head is the phrase “invisible disability”. But a huge range of disabilities currently recognized in today’s medical community are completely invisible, even to the trained eye. It’s time for us all to change our mental image of what being disabled means.

A disability is literally speaking the opposite of an ability — but in real life, it’s not always that simple. Chronic pain, for instance, may leave you capable some days and absolutely flattened on others; epilepsy, another disability classified as invisible, can create a seizure with no warning whatsoever. And many people with invisible disabilities will suffer as much from their problem’s hidden nature as from its symptoms.

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