When A Stranger Gets To Decide If You’re Disabled

Disability Dice


By Amber Hosea in The Mighty.


No one wants to be disabled, and no one wants to go through the disability process. I stopped working two years ago and applied for disability. I worked for as long as I could and pushed myself day in and day out just to get through each work day. I was sick and exhausted, and there were plenty of days that I cried on my way to work or on my way home because I felt so terrible.

When I applied for disability, I knew the process would take awhile. I thought to myself, “I have plenty of medical records, and I know how sick I am so that should be enough, right?” Wrong. I was denied. Then, I was denied a second time. Then I went for my hearing in front of a judge. I tend to be a nervous person, and this experience made me feel worthless. I’m young and have complicated chronic illnesses, and I knew this stranger was going to spend 20 minutes with me to decide whether or not I was disabled. 

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